2005 Graduate

Many members of my family were dealers, so I’ve been around drugs, addicts, and struggled with addiction my whole life. I was in and out of jail for many years, and I delivered my daughter in handcuffs while incarcerated. My life had became a cycle of being arrested, landing in jail, and being released, just to start all over again. I needed help.

My aunt was a graduate of Thistle Farms Residential. She told me about the program, which sounded great, but living in community with 20 other women and giving two years of my life sounded like too much for me.

Then I relapsed.

She came back to me and by that time I knew I needed this. I found a family and hope for a better future surrounded by women who were like me: addicted to drugs, turning to prostitution to make ends meet, and desperate for something better. Today I’m drug free and I work in the Finance Department as the Accounts Payable Manager. I’m well, financially independent, and proud of the work I’ve done.