2017 Graduate

When I became a felon, I felt stamped for disapproval, officially unfit in society, and unable to make my own choices. All of my decisions were questioned and most people did not hear me. Thistle Farms helped me take 20 years worth of bad decisions and make something out of it. 

Last year’s step was to restore my voting rights. I didn’t know if it was possible. I hadn’t voted in ten years. The process is lengthy: paperwork, phone calls, appointments, and documentation. But on the other side, my voting rights were restored!

Beyond the thrill of physically voting, the restoration of my voting rights had a profound spiritual effect. It made me feel stronger, and that is invaluable.

I want my voice to be heard. I want to help make decisions in society. I want to stand tall, happy, and confident as a free woman. In order for me to do that, I have to continue to behave in a way that creates confidence, and I have to continue to speak up for myself. That is the ultimate confidence booster.