2020 Graduate

I lived in a refrigerator box under a bridge. I traded myself for drugs, and I spent many years in jail, treatment, and hospitals due to my drug use. That’s who I was.

As a child, I learned that the man I thought was my biological father was my step-father. My biological father was an addict and my mother had left him when I was very young. That made sense to me. I had always felt like an outsider.

In searching for a place to belong, I got pregnant early, left school, and married an addict. Addicted people were woven throughout my story and I became one of them. I had been in pain for as long as I could remember, and pain medication made me feel so good.

In treatment and jail I met women who filled a place in my life that had always been empty. Beautiful, caring women like me who introduced me to Thistle Farms Residential.

This is me today with a life full of more good things than I ever thought possible. The women who first told me about Thistle Farms are as awesome as they were when we first met, except now that goodness is accompanied by meaningful employment, drug free living, and freedom. I owe my life to this place of unconditional love and support and to the women who led me here.