2020 Graduate

I was paralyzed. For several long minutes, I couldn’t move anything except my eyes. Whatever was in that last hit almost killed me, but the people I was with at the time didn’t even notice. That's addiction, the constant feeling of being very, very alone.

I was so tired when I laid it all down. Years of trafficking, addiction, and shame had chipped away at me and there wasn’t much left. It took every remaining bit of me to ask for help. That was the day when I started a new life.

Thistle Farms is my foundation. This is where I rebuilt myself with the truth that I didn’t have to sell my body to have a place to sleep. 

Everyone at Thistle Farms made me feel special and they taught me that my feelings are valid. They helped me find my voice.

Today I’m a Sister for Life and I recognize my calling to go back out to those places of hopelessness and shame to help women understand that they can be well too. I'm proud of my accomplishments over these two years in the program and I'm excited to help others to know this same peace.