2020 Graduate

I love that no one here has ever asked me what I did to get to my lowest point. The question we ask is “what happened to you?” 

A lot happened to me. My upbringing was a reflection of the upbringing my parents received. I left school at a very early age and no one noticed. I felt like if my absence from school could go unnoticed, it was because I didn’t matter. 

I was in rehab when I heard about Thistle Farms. We attended a Thistle Farms Residential graduation. When we got there, I was overwhelmed by unfamiliar feelings of acceptance and love. I realized that my whole life’s story had brought me to that place at that moment.

Today I'm a graduate! I am a member of the Thistle Farms Customer Service team where I get to use my talents to help our customers. Where there was once a girl who believed that she was “less than” everyone, today I am counted on to be an expert in my field - and I am!  

One of the greatest gifts of healing is that it has a tendency to spread. My own wellness has brought restoration to my family. Sometimes that light makes its way into places that didn’t even know they were dark until the light showed up.