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Birthed in collaboration with four other international social enterprises, Thistle Farms Global embodies the growing movement to build economic freedom in the lives of marginalized women around the world. 

Through shared trade partnerships, Thistle Farms Global connects women producers directly to customers by distributing and selling their handmade products.

These shared trade alliances increase the share of profit for women survivors of addiction, trafficking, violence, and extreme poverty around the world. Global partners gain access to a network of like-minded organizations and benefit from inclusion in a larger community. And with the support and sales of Thistle Farms Global, partner enterprises can hire more women, increase wages, and reinvest in higher quality production.

Thistle Farms Global has more than 20 social enterprise partners from 16 countries on 5 continents who collectively employ more than 1,700 women.

To learn more about becoming a Global partner, please email with the subject line: Global Partnership inquiry.


The Thistle National Network is a community of sister organizations driving systemic change by utilizing Thistle Farms’ model to connect survivors of prostitution, trafficking, addiction, and abuse to healing and empowerment. To date, 40+ organizations have programs based on Thistle Farms’ model of recovery.

For the past 20 years, women survivors have emerged from Thistle Farms equipped to lead. They are at the helm of this national movement with profound local impact.

Three principles are at the core of a Survivor-Leader’s healing and empowerment:

  1. Housing : Free, long-term housing without a live-in staff
  2. Healing : Free, comprehensive mental and physical healthcare
  3. Employment : Connection to a safe, sustainable income

Members of our national network experience certain advantages and meet core expectations.  

Network Advantage:

  1. Increased connectivity
  2. Shared knowledge
  3. Improved quality of care
  4. Mobilization of resources
  5. Unity of voice

Network Expectations:

  1. Implementation of Thistle Farms’ core principles
  2. Program assessment and transparency
  3. Participation in Network programs & conversations
  4. Mentorship of other sister organizations

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