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National & Global Networks

We know women survivors need supportive housing, comprehensive healthcare, and a sustainable income in order to heal.


Thistle National Network

The Thistle Farms National Network is comprised of like-minded organizations committed to connecting survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction to hope, healing, and empowerment. To date, over 50 organizations throughout the country have programs based on Thistle Farms’ model of recovery; 25 of these organizations have residential programs to house women survivors, while the other half are in the early stages of development.

If you are interested in learning more about the National Network, email If you or your organization would like to learn more about joining the National Network, please take a moment to fill out the following form

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Thistle Farms Global

Thistle Farms Global creates economic freedom for women survivors worldwide by helping to launch new social enterprises, incorporating existing enterprises into our supply chain, and connecting women producers directly with our customers.

Our global network includes more than 30 social enterprise partners from 20 countries on 5 continents. Global partners benefit from being part of a larger community. With the support and sales generated through Thistle Farms Global, partner enterprises can hire more women, increase wages, and reinvest in their communities.