Self-care tips from our staff

Self-care tips from our staff

Self-care is an integral part of Thistle Farms. We believe that self-care is a key component to the truth, that love does heal. Here are a few helpful ways our own staff at Thistle Farms makes self-care a priority, through the craftsmanship of our Global Partners.

Tammy, Thistle Farms Global team member is enjoying the last few weeks of winter weather under our hand knitted Himalayan throw, while enjoying a cup of tea. “There is nothing like staying warm on the couch when it is too cold to be outside.”

Katie enjoys a warm cup of Moringa Madres tea several times a week relax and take in the many healing effects of Moringa. This smooth herbal tea gives a great balance of aromas to calm your evening down after a fast-paced workday. "I truly believe that Moringa is the miracle tree - by drinking the tea on a regular basis it gives me more energy each day but also helps me sleep better! A true wonder paradox!"

Erica, a member of the Body and Home team, believes journaling is a great way to put your thoughts to paper. She has been using the Mission Lazarus, Love Heals leather journal to document her pregnancy over the last few months. “It has already been enjoyable to look back at the experiences I have had through my pregnancy. And with this beautiful journal, I'll be able to keep it through my baby's first milestone moments.”

Thistle Farms is a great resource for those searching for self-care and love. This community wants to help you see your true worth. Take an active role in the coming weeks to fulfill your own well-being and happiness.