Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Whenever we are together, we sit in a circle. At Thistle Farms this circle represents what we can do together, holding on to the woman on either side of us.

The circle is where we gather the strength to continue when recovery is challenging. It’s where we grieve and laugh, debate and congratulate. The circle is where we pick up the weight of each other’s joys and sorrows and hold those pieces of each other close as we work throughout the day.

During Women’s History Month, we remember all of the amazing women in Thistle Farms' history who have sat with us in a circle and spoken of their brokenness and healing. Writers and actresses, women newly released from incarceration, nuns and priests, women with the fresh wounds of life on the streets, moms, sisters, wives, mothers... All survivors of things both spoken and unspoken. Over the last 20+ years the circle has grown wider and stronger as it has traveled around the world and back to Nashville and then around the world again, adding more survivors at each stop. It is a fundamental part of our history and our future as we dedicate ourselves to the continued healing, empowerment and employment of women survivors in places of safety and acceptance. 

Thank you for sharing this vision for women, for knowing that brokenness can be healed and that love can inhabit all of our circles. Happy Women’s History Month!