Festive Shirts, Luxe Beards, & Unfailing Love. Happy Father's Day!

It's the season of celebrating dads! When we think about the things that make a dad great, we think of strength, capability, and an unfailing talent for being on our side. A luxurious beard and a flair for picking out the most festive shirt can also appear on that list... 

2019 Thistle Farms Residential (aka “Magdalene”) graduate Bobbie’s dad, Dan has it all.

“My dad always believed in me, and now I believe in me too. While I was experiencing the trauma of trafficking, my dad was experiencing his own trauma, and being in a safe place that allowed me to address my specific traumatic experience helped both of us to heal. My time at Magdalene taught us to be vulnerable and truthful in ways that deepened our relationship. I love my dad and and I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to support each other through this healing process.”

Dan, in true dad fashion, sums it all up concisely, "Love is the greatest thing a father can give." We agree!

Congratulations to Bobbie and all of our beloved graduates, and happy Father's Day to the great dads out there. We celebrate all of you.