Two Simple Secrets to Glowing Summer Skin

Two Simple Secrets to Glowing Summer Skin

Turn up the glow factor!

If you aren't using a body scrub and nourishing moisturizer combo as a part of your head-to-toe beauty routine you could be missing out on the summertime radiance of all-over softness and deep moisture. 

You probably already know about the benefits of facial exfoliation. But did you know that removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores with an exfoliating scrub and following up with a nourishing moisturizer is a gift to ALL of your skin, not just your face? Clearing away dullness allows every part of you to shine like you were born to shine. 

Here are a few pointers for getting the most out of your scrubbing routine:

*Choose a scrub-moisturizer combo with natural ingredients. Silicones and synthetic waxes can give the appearance of glossy skin, but are ultimately dulling and drying. Our 2 Steps to Skin Renewal kit is made with good things from the earth like Dead Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, moringa oil, coconut oil, and highest quality essential oils.

*Scrub before you shave. Scrubbing can loosen ingrown hairs and smooth shaving surface, giving you a closer shave.

*A little goes a long way. This applies to the amount of product you use, the pressure you apply, the frequency with which you scrub, and the length of time you spend scrubbing. Scrub in gentle circles for a few minutes. Set a timer if you tend to be an over scrubber.

*Consult your dermatologist before using a body scrub if you have a skin condition or any irritation. 

*Prepare yourself for all of the compliments that are sure to come your way!