Outsmarting Mosquitoes. (It's Easy!)

We’re here to help with the best chemical free tips and tricks for fooling biting insects.

Do mosquitoes find you delicious?

Blood type, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from your breath, the amount of naturally occurring bacteria found on your skin, and other organic factors determine your deliciousness to mosquitoes. As a whole, these underlying genetic factors make up about 85% of your relationship with these creatures. Since there is no way to alter these genetics, we’re here to help with the best chemical free tips and tricks for fooling these biting insects.

*Wear light colors. Mosquitos are always looking for things that are visually in contrast to the horizon, so dark colors are a giveaway to your location. Summer whites are one way to fool these biting bugs. Our Love Heals Every Body white tee is a great choice.

*Go inside during the buggiest hours. Mosquitos are most active right around dawn and dusk. Avoid being outdoors during these times and you’ll sidestep a lot of bug swatting.

*Blow low. Mosquitoes are terrible flyers! A really easy way to keep them away is to turn a fan on. Mosquitos fly low, so place a fan on the floor or a low table for maximum effectiveness. Mosquitos will usually give up on biting you because flying into the wind is so difficult for them.

*Get rid of standing water. All it takes is a little standing water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, so make sure that you store buckets upside down, keep trash cans covered, and don’t leave kiddie pools filled. Even the saucers underneath potted plants can attract them, so check those for standing water as well.

*Go au naturale! Thistle Farms Natural Bug Spray is a safe, effective, natural, and DEET-free insect repellent. Our Global partner Ikirezi, a Rwandan farming cooperative, employs survivors of the 1994 genocide, who produce our active ingredient-organic rose geranium oil. Thistle Farms blends natural insect-repelling oils, creating a skin-friendly, great smelling, safe for everyone, highly effective product. Try it!

Here's to a bite-free summer, Thistle Farmers. 


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