Meet the Thistle Farms Residential Graduating Class of 2019

Graduation is our biggest annual celebration and our happiest day at Thistle Farms.

Graduation is our biggest annual celebration and our happiest day at Thistle Farms.

Thistle Farms Residential is a glorious and life saving program, but it's also a lot of very hard work. Graduating represents two full years of deep emotional housekeeping and personal growth. Hundreds of hours are spent in individual and group therapy sessions. Dozens of communal dinners are eaten, community meetings are attended, field trips are taken, and personal hurdles are jumped.

We are so happy to introduce our 2019 graduating class. Five "Sisters For Life" who have made us so proud. But more importantly, they have made themselves proud. 

We asked a few Thistle Farms community members to talk about our graduates and here's what they had to say.

Tayler: "Tayler is definitely our Most Friendly! She has hospitality in her DNA. No one is a  stranger in Tayler's world."  -Daniel, The Cafe at Thistle Farms

Michelle: "Michele is our Most Loyal, she is dedicated to helping others and always being the best that she can be. A truly wonderful soul."  -Kenny, Logistics

Kimberly: "Kimberly is our Most Courageous. She possesses a passion to explore new things, and has a zeal for life. She doesn't let the grass grow under her feet before confidently taking on new challenges."  -Andrea, Residential Services

Bobbie: "Bobbie is our Most Assertive. She speaks her own truth and Thistle Farms’ truth that love heals fearlessly and gracefully. She is unfailingly on the side of what’s right and fair.  -Hal, CEO

Josette: "Josette is a born sister and friend. She's definitely our Most Likely to be a Big Sister. Her compassion and kindness guide her in her relationships."  -Shelia Education & Outreach

Keep an eye out for these friendly, loyal, courageous, assertive, sisterly world changers. Individually they are amazing, but they know that what we can do together, holding on to the person on either side of us, is much more powerful than what we can do alone.


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