KAZI -- The Story Behind Your Product

KAZI -- The Story Behind Your Product


We are proud partners and distributors of Kazi product, an All Across Africa brand. What does this mean? All Across Africa is B Corp certified, fair trade members, nest partners and sourcing responsible. This company was founded with idealistic respects, blending the socially conscious with the business savvy. We partner with Kazi because we share a common goal; bringing sustainable wages into the lives of women, wives, mothers, and sisters.  

Our founder Becca Stevens often says “When you heal the women, you heal the village”. It is no secret that empowering mothers have a domino effect on sustainability and education. Kazi stands by giving artisans the resources to support their families, with an end goal of alleviating poverty in Africa. Kazi employs 3,200 artisans, with 18,200 family members. That tallies out to be supporting a network of over 21,000 people across Africa! 

The regional social impact of Kazi is immense. By providing the resources for a fair wage and sustainable income Kazi has increased levels of investing, financial management, and education in the Artisans and their families. Thistle Farms Global is very proud to be presenting our summer line of Kazi products. 



Each of our Kazi products are handmade by the women of All Across Africa. They are made using a timeless weaving tradition, blending raffia plant and sweetgrass to create an intricate and unique design. 

One of our new items debuting is the Cloud Pink Planter. We love to present this item to you as baskets carry their own symbolism in Rwanda. This Planter is proudly displayed as a symbol of wealth, friends, family and life; as many Rwandans give baskets to celebrate major life events! The open weave design of this planter makes it perfect for a bedside table, summer sunroom or even in a net as a hanging display! 

Our Peach or Mustard Swirled Vases contain perfect pops of color for any kitchen or living room. We love a neutral underlay with an accent color! These vases come with a glass inlay and can also be used to hold kitchen utensils or desk supplies.


Our Raffia Tray is the perfect addition to organize any clutter around a room. We have been looking to present the perfect tray for a while -- and this was our winner! We love the versatility of this piece. We utilize trays in the bedroom, on the coffee table, or on the kitchen counter! Sometimes we will even organize our toiletries using this stylish centerpiece. We love corralling our magazines, books and whatever else may crowd our living room with a neutral tray!