Kirsten Wallet (hold for fall)

Kirsten Wallet (hold for fall)

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The Kirsten Wallet is sewn by a talented team of Haitian artisans, many of whom are amputee victims from the earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010 or members of a near-by deaf community, for which finding employment can be nearly impossible.

Plenty of slots for credit cards, a zipper pocket for change, and a compartment for bills. 

Choose with or without Haitian leather.

Meet the Artisans

Vi Bella

Haiti and Mexico
Extreme Poverty

Vi Bella means “beautiful life” because everyone deserves a life filled with beauty, hope, dignity and purpose. 

Over 60 artisans are employed in Haiti and Mexico. In areas such as these, one employed person can support up to ten others. Artisans master techniques such as wire-wrapping, hand beading, and sewing using natural and locally sourced materials such as coconut, horn, seeds, and leather.

At Vi Bella, artisans find meaningful community, dignified employment, and reliable wages. These three commitments are the foundation for quality pieces that hold a story of redemption.

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Vi Bella
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More than fair

Global Shared Trade

Our "Friendship First" model puts women artisans at the center of the value chain. We purchase directly from our partners, cutting out the middle man to ensure the maximum inIvestment inI their community programming, as well as ours.

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