Love Heals
Love is the most powerful force for change in the world.
It lights the way for physical, mental, and economic freedom for women who have survived childhood trauma,
unjust systems, the commodifying of their worth, and believing their past defines their future.

Residential Program

Our 2 year program provides women survivors a safe place to live, food and clothing, healthcare, counseling, therapeutic groups, and job training, all at no cost to the participant.


Nights of safe, supportive housing.


Medical & mental health appointments.


Of graduates over the last 5 years are employed, sober, & successfully living on their own.

The Model Works

5 years after graduation, 75% of our graduates are living healthy, financially independent lives.


A sisterhood dedicated to providing women survivors across the country with the resources, time, and support they need to heal.


Beds across the country for women survivors.


Sister organizations in our network, with 44 open residential programs. 


Residential organizations still in development. 


A world wide market of survivor artisans increasing  the value of the producer in the market chain while providing support and advocacy.  


Artisan partners in 20 countries.


Survivor artisans employed by partner organizations.


Average revenue returned to our partners.

We are often asked about statistics:

What are the success rates? 

Stories of Hope and Healing

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Stephanie, 2020 Graduate
I grew up in a small town, and like a lot of other small town girls, I got pregnant at an early age. When my baby girl died, I just came apart. I dealt with my grief by getting high until eventually...
Leigh, 2021 Candidate for Graduation
My daughter Meleia came into the world a tiny two pounds. She was my motivation for staying clean for several years, even when my mother, my best friend, was diagnosed with end-stage cancer.  The relapse that followed my mom's passing...
DaShawn, 2020 Graduate
I was paralyzed. For several long minutes, I couldn’t move anything except my eyes. Whatever was in that last hit almost killed me, but the people I was with at the time didn’t even notice. That's addiction, the constant feeling of...