Love Heals
Love is the most powerful force for change in the world.
It lights the way for physical, mental, and economic freedom for women who have survived childhood trauma,
unjust systems, the commodifying of their worth, and believing their past defines their future.

Residential Program

Our 2 year program provides women survivors a safe place to live, food and clothing, healthcare, counseling, therapeutic groups, and job training, all at no cost to the participant.


Nights of safe, supportive housing.


Medical & mental health appointments.


Hours of employment for women survivors. 

The Model Works

5 years after graduation, 75% of our graduates are living healthy, financially independent lives.

National Network

A sisterhood dedicated to providing women survivors across the country with the resources, time, and support they need to heal.


Beds across the country for women survivors.


Sister organizations in our network, with 44 open residential programs. 


Residential organizations still in development. 

Global Shared Trade

A world wide market of survivor artisans increasing  the value of the producer in the market chain while providing support and advocacy.  


Artisan partners in 20 countries.


Survivor artisans employed by partner organizations.


Average revenue returned to our partners.

We are often asked about statistics:

What are the success rates? 

Stories of Hope and Healing

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2007 Graduate

Today I’m married to the love of my life, I’m a mother to my daughter, and I enjoy my work as National Sales Director. I’m thankful that my family and Thistle Farms never gave up on me and I get to pay that forward by believing that love can heal the next woman to come through our doors.


2005 Graduate

Before, I was in and out of jail, and I delivered my daughter in handcuffs. Today I’m drug free and I work in the Finance Department as the Accounts Payable Manager. 


2020 Graduate

This community and all of my sisters are the most important things in my life. I love my job in our manufacturing department. It’s my dream job and I can’t wait to get here every morning. I have my own place now and when I get back there after work I feel so happy to be there and to be me.