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Practically Divine

There is no secret formula to experiencing the sacred in our lives - it just takes practice and practicality.

Signs of love abound everywhere: walking in the woods, in a sacred building, or in a dusty refugee camp. When we allow ourselves to embrace both ordinary and extraordinary experiences, we can feel the divine anywhere.

Part poetry, part rant, part rumination on her mother's wit and wisdom, Becca weaves an invitation to create something from nothing.

Experience is 9/10 of Love

Standing in a geranium field, smelling dark soil fertilized by rabbit poop is different from reading about the healing properties of geraniums.

Walking beside a woman in a refugee camp covering her baby's face from the dust rising from the dry, red dirt is different thatn imagining how hard it is for moms in camps.

The senses transform information into holy compassion. When we open our hearts to it, we can experience the divine anywhere - like sacred breadcrumbs marking our path.

Isabel Allende

Activist and Bestselling Author
"These are the moving stories of broken women and wounded communities healed by the immense power of practical love. Practically Divine is a prayer book, a manual for living with an open heart."

Jon Acuff

NY Times Bestselling Author
"If you read this book, you will: 1. See the power of love in a whole new light. 2. You will think, "I bet I would be great friends with Becca Stevens!" 3. You will visit Thistle Farms and volunteer as fast as you can. Because that's what happened to me and dozens of other people I've taken on field trips to this special part of Nashville."

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop
"This extraordinary book just might be Becca Stevens' best - and that is saying a lot! Like the healing oils from her famous Thistle Farms, Practically Divine is gentle, powerful, and yes, very practical indeed. Open these pages and prepare to experience the practice of love, a balm for your soul."

Fiona Prine

Humanitarian and Activist
"This book reveals where Becca gets her quick-witted humor, her drive to make things happen, and her undying compassion for all (women) who struggle to be seen and heard. Becca is our very own practically divine superhero in a knitted cape!"