The COVID-19 Pandemic: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives on Children, Women and Sex Trafficking

Over the past months, the female population has suffered from the outcome of the novel coronavirus. As a result, sex trafficking in girls and women has increased with the spread of the virus.

Simplice A. Asongu and Usman A. Usman


We provide theoretical and practical perspectives on children, women, and sex trafficking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Process tracing is employed as a primary research instrument. It is an analytical technique used for either theory-building or theory-testing purposes that is employed to elucidate causation and change as well as to develop and evaluate extant theories in social sciences. We illustrate that a policy is needed that will strengthen the capacity of existing structures in the fight against the underlying trafficking so that these attendant structures are efficiently used to stop the trafficking and avoid the corresponding threats to public health safety.

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