Spanish Prime Minister Vows to Abolish Prostitution, Saying It ‘Enslaves’ Women
Prostitution is one of the cruelest aspects of the feminization of poverty and one of the worst forms of violence against women.
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives on Children, Women and Sex trafficking
Over the past months, the female population has suffered from the outcome of the novel coronavirus. As a result, sex trafficking in girls and women has increased with the spread of the virus.
COVID-19 Crisis Putting Human Trafficking Victims at Risk of Further Exploitation, Experts Warn
Lockdowns, travel restrictions, resource cutbacks and other measures to curb the spread of the new coronavirus are putting victims of human trafficking at risk of further exploitation, while organized crime networks could further profit from the pandemic, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.
Addressing Emerging Human Trafficking Trends and Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Around the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has created new risks and challenges to victims and survivors of trafficking. This report analyses the emerging COVID-19 human trafficking trends and consequences.
Racial Disparities, COVID-19, and Human Trafficking
As the work to dismantle racist structures policies and practices continues, we have an opportunity to simultaneously bring down the systems that enable sex and labor trafficking to victimize Black and Latino people.
The Evolution of Human Trafficking During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated human lives, the global economy, and educational systems. Given the enormous financial hardship on families, the mass movement of people, and the closing of schools, the risks of human trafficking have increased. In this environment, multidisciplinary interventions coupled with innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial thinking must remain a priority.
In the Shadows: Once in the Open, Prostitution’s Shift Online Has Local Police Changing Their Approach to the Issue
When Attleboro and Norton police set up a sting to nab “johns” who responded to their online ads offering sexual services earlier this year, they were flooded with calls and text messages. “The thing that struck me doing it was...
Looking Beyond Binaries: The Case for Partial Decriminalization of the Sex Trade
Ending criminal penalties for [people in the sex trade] is long overdue, but it’s crucial to guard against exploitation as well.
The Woman Who Would Have Locked Up Eliot Spitzer
Dorchen Leidholdt is the most influential (and hardest-working) feminist you’ve never heard of. But that may be about to change.
COVID-19 and Human Trafficking: The Amplified Impact on Vulnerable Populations
The COVID-19 pandemic has created circumstances that may increase the risk of trafficking, inhibit identification of those who are trafficked and those who survive trafficking, and make it harder to deliver comprehensive services to support survivors’ recovery.
America's Outcasts: The Women Trapped in a Cruel Cycle of Exploitation
Caught in a recurring pattern of prostitution and incarceration, they are among the most vulnerable women in the US. Yet gaps in the criminal justice system, ruthlessly exploited by sex traffickers, make escape almost impossible.
Why Prostitution Shouldn't Be Legal
The idea that legalizing or decriminalizing commercial sex would reduce its harms is a persistent myth. Many claim if the sex trade were legal, regulated, and treated like any other profession, it would be safer. But research suggests otherwise. 
Remembering the Murdered Women Erased by the Pro-Sex Work Agenda
Mellory, Suzie, Anna, and Sky. Say their names. Their lives matter. And they were viciously murdered by johns in a country where prostitution is being normalized.
The Unlikely Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor and the Instagram Account That Saved Her Life
Megan Lundstrom understands more than most the conditions that force women into dangerous situations—she also has the key to help them escape.
How the Black Women Around R. Kelly’s Case Feel About His Conviction
The case could represent a turning point for the #MeToo movement, which some felt had centered on crimes against white women.
Prostitution In Canada: A Survivor’s Perspective
It was never the laws that beat, raped and killed me and my friends, it was men. It was never the location we were in that was unsafe, it was the men we were in the location with that made it unsafe.
Prostitution Is a Racialized Hate Crime Against Women
The violence, racism and misogyny targeting Asians in North America--as we've seen most recently in Atlanta--is distilled and intensified in the racism of sex buyers at Asian massage parlors.
To Curb Prostitution, Punish Those Who Buy Sex Rather Than Those Who Sell It
Prostitution is not the oldest profession, as the saying goes; it’s the oldest oppression.
Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal
The effort to decriminalize the sex trade worldwide is not a progressive movement. Implementing this policy will simply calcify into law men’s entitlement to buy sex, while decriminalizing pimping will protect no one but the pimps.
OnlyFans Is Not a Safe Platform for Sex Work: It's a Pimp
Sex work implies that prostituted people really want to do what they have virtually no choice in doing. That their poverty, homelessness, prior sexual abuse as children, subjection to racism, exclusion from gainful occupations or unequal pay plays no role.
Who Buys Sex? Understanding and Disrupting Illicit Market Demand
This groundbreaking new research report is the largest study to date to uncover the sex-buying habits of 8,000 US men.