Moms... Right?

Moms... Right?

Moms... They are the stuff of legend. Our moms are made up of many varying and mysterious parts, and are generally 100% quotable. Our mom’s grit and compassion can be found all over us, it's literally in our DNA. We've been reflecting on these tender truths at Thistle Farms a lot recently as we prepare for Mother's Day.

We have shared stories of being loved obviously and openly by our mothers-some to an overwhelming degree and some to a lesser degree. Some not much at all. In most cases, we can look back and say that our moms were doing their best with what they had, however present or absent they were at any given time.

Whether your mom's a hostess mom, a humanitarian mom, a traveler mom, or a trendsetter mom, one thing is certain, she has probably paved your life with a trail of frequently used phrases that you will remember (and very likely use) forever. Throughout the Mother's Day season, we’re celebrating all of the great mom quotes that illustrate perfectly who these women are.

We would love to hear your mom quotes. Post them on Instagram and use the hashtag #LoveHealsMomQuotes to share them with the world. Or comment on one of our mom quote posts of Facebook or Twitter. We're positive we'll love them all. We'll even post some of yours along with ours. Your mom will be so proud!

And remember, Thistle Farmers, "We are made from dirt and angels. Both are good." -Thistle Farms founder, Becca's mom.