Eyes Up Human Trafficking Campaign

Nashville, hometown of Thistle Farms, will be the site of the NFL Draft on April 25-27. In the interest of trafficking education, we are participating in the Eyes Up Human Trafficking Community Campaign with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as other Nashville nonprofits and businesses. While there are conflicting reports about whether trafficking increases during these types of large sporting events, we are always thankful for the times when a light is shined on the realities of people who are being trafficked and the ways that we can help.

Shelia Simpkins, Thistle Farms Education and Outreach Director (pictured above) says “I’m excited to see the community collaboration concerning human trafficking. As a survivor, I feel it's necessary to remind everyone that human trafficking happens just about everywhere, 365 days a year. If you see something say something. The goals of this campaign are to educate the general public about how to identify and report human trafficking, which is always good news for those who work to end this abuse."

There are some particularly telling human trafficking red flags. Pay special attention to any person, especially a minor, who is:

  • *Unusually fearful, anxious, or submissive, or displaying signs of physical abuse.
  • *Monitored, controlled, or guarded by someone else at all times, or who is prohibited from interacting with others.
  • *Unaware of what city they’re in or unable to explain the purpose of their stay.
  • *Not in control of their own money or documents.
  • *A child under the age of 18 in a suspicious circumstance, such as being alone at a hotel.
If you see or suspect trafficking while visiting Nashville, you can call 911 in situations that seem like life-threatening emergencies. In other situations, call the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline number (855)-55-TNHTH.


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