Mazava Silk Scarf
Mazava Silk Scarf
Mazava Silk Scarf
Mazava Silk Scarf
Mazava Silk Scarf

Mazava Silk Scarf

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Be the envy of the room with this gorgeous, 100% natural Madagascar silk scarf. Crafted with an eye for detail by women artisans in central highlands of Madagascar, each piece is hand-woven from wild Borocera silk. Meaning "bright or clear" in Madagascar, the Mazava Silk Scarf radiates in sunlight and is a perfect way to brighten up your outfit, or support the weavers that craft it. The orange yarn is dyed with Madagascar turmeric root, which gives a gold color, and nato bark, which gives a red color. The black yarn is dyed with rice paddy mud, and then eucalyptus leaves, salt, and ash are used to "fix" the natural dyes so they will not run or fade. The linen colored yarn is natural undyed wild Borocera silk and the white yarn is natural undyed Mulberry silk.

  • 70”L x 12.5" W
  • Mulberry silk and Borocera wild silk
  • Hand-wash with soap and lay flat to dry. Iron while still damp to give it a lovely sheen. Separately, you can steam iron it on a low setting to refresh it from time to time without washing.  

Meet the Artisans


Biodiversity conservation through poverty alleviation.  Fair trade job creation that encourages local reforestation, as well as sustainable farming and harvesting.

Originating from the rainforests of Madagascar, each textile is hand-crafted using sustainably sourced raw materials.  For our silk pieces, wild silk cocoons are hand-gathered, steamed flat, sewn together, and hand-dyed.  For our raffia pieces, the natural fiber is hand-woven on floor looms, sewn together, and hand-dyed.  

Artisans and farmers earn a fair wage and use sustainable farming and harvesting practices to preserve their surrounding rainforest, protecting it from deforestation.

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More than fair

Shared Trade

A network of social enterprises addressing sexual exploitation, trafficking, and extreme poverty in 21 countries around the world.

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