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Letters from the Farm

Rev. Becca Stevens is an Episcopal priest, chaplain at Vanderbilt University, and founder of Thistle Farms and its residential program, Magdalene.

“Gratitude can carry us through dry seasons. Gratitude can allow us to feel rains fall on the parched landscape of our past. Gratitude can allow us to see the rich grains scattered on the threshing floors of our lives that we have overlooked. It is tone of the great keys to peace and understanding. Be grateful, not because it is fair, but because you are beloved."

In "Letters from the Farm: A Simple Path for a Deeper Spiritual Life," Becca Stevens, the founder of Thistle Farms, writes about avoiding disillusionment and the distraction of ego on the spiritual path. Although directed towards seminarians, priests, and pastors across denominational lines, its wisdom will resonate with social workers, activists, caregivers and anyone who wants to follow the road signs of courage, humility and compassion on their journey.