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Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl
Ity Bowl

Ity Bowl

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Serve healing, hope, and freedom in bowls carved to perfection. 

A partner for 6 years, Lazarus Artisan Goods was the perfect group to ask to bring our dreams of a wood collection to life. 

Leatherworkers by trade, this courageous group of women artisans swapped awls for chisels to create these beautiful bowls. Each artisan learned to use 15 tools, including a jigsaw, lathe, caliper, and chisel. 

Due to the handmade nature of this product, the color and dimensions may vary.

    Medium Bowl - 11.4" Dia, 3.5” H
    Large Bowl - 15.7" Dia, 3.5” H
    Time to Make
    4 hours
    Guanacaste wood naturally stained with food-safe mineral oil.

    Meet the Artisans

    Lazarus Artisan Goods

    Extreme Poverty

    Lazarus Artisan Goods stands by the power and resilience of education. Through their education-centered approach to social justice, Lazarus Artisan Goods creates a foundation for lasting change. Careful craftsmanship of leather goods paired with social resources is an unstoppable agent for generational economic transformation.

    Learn More
    Lazarus Artisan Goods

    More than fair

    Shared Trade

    A network of social enterprises addressing sexual exploitation, trafficking, and extreme poverty in 21 countries around the world.

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    Its's a small act, but one that has the power to heal.



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