Fiji Vanilla Gift Set
Fiji Vanilla Gift Set
Fiji Vanilla Gift Set
Fiji Vanilla Gift Set
Fiji Vanilla Gift Set

Fiji Vanilla Gift Set

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Indulge in the delicious and sustainable treats of Fiji with the Fiji Vanilla Gift Set. This set includes a 2 oz bottle of "COLO" Vanilla Extract, two organically-grown vanilla beans, 100 grams of Fiji "COLO" Vanilla Sugar, and a handprinted "vanilla print" tea towel. By supporting our Shared Trade Partner, Rise Beyond the Reef, you are uplifing women in indigenous communities and promoting the protection of their natural resources. Enjoy the flavorful benefits of this unique and socially-conscious gift set.

Set includes:

  • 2 FL. OZ. of "COLO" Vanilla Extract
  • 2 organically-grown planifolia vanilla beans
  • 100bgrams of Fiji "COLO" Vanilla Sugar
  • 1 handprinted "vanilla print" tea towel

Meet the Artisans

Rise Beyond the Reef

Fiji Islands
Women Survivors of Human-Trafficking

Rise Beyond the Reef believes that indigenous knowledge and cultures hold the key to the future. You can help protect it. Through purchase, you help invest in the future.

Creating a path of economies of hope and equity for rural remote indigenous women in Fiji: Rise Beyond the Reef’s Traditional Contemporary Arts & Crafts Income-Generating Program has four goals for rural remote indigenous women in Fiji. First, women are given opportunities to develop leadership skills. Second, geographically isolated women crafters earn much-needed income at village-gate. Third, Rise Beyond the Reef helps develop regional and international markets for these goods, and last (but not least), the program helps preserve and promote traditional arts and crafts skills with remote indigenous women in Fiji, Kioa Island and Rotuma.

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More than fair

Shared Trade

A network of social enterprises addressing sexual exploitation, trafficking, and extreme poverty in 21 countries around the world.

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