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Thistle Farms Community Circle
Listen to the wisdom from thoughtful members of our community, survivors, and advocates.

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Wednesday Mornings


What to Expect

Welcome & Reading

Every week we gather in a circle and light a candle, saying simply,  “We light this candle for the woman still on the streets and the  woman trying to find her way home.”

A member of our community opens the circle by reading a practice and a few reflections from "Find Your Way", followed by a personal reflection.

Community Reflections

We go around the circle, offering each person the opportunity to reflect on the reading. Reflections should be brief (one minute or less), to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share.

Not everyone offers a reflection - it is enough that you are here.

Introduce yourself

If it is your first time, please let us know. We would like to welcome you into the community as a lifelong friend.

If the reading has prompted a reflection, please share. Remember that we are here to listen and learn, and not to teach.


After everyone has had a chance to speak, we gather in a circle and close with the Serenity Prayer.

Let Us Know You're Coming

Our Campus

5122 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209

Nestled in West Nahville, our campus includes The Café and Shop at Thistle Farms and our administrative offices.

There is plenty of parking behind our building.

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