Love Rises

Creating dignified employment and healing community for Ukrainian refugee women.

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Against the backdrop of war, women who have fled Ukraine as refugees come together in Poland to create. The work of knitting provides dignity and normalcy during wartime, and women transform their shared space into a community of healing as they talk about hope amidst the grief and loss of war. 

Each knitted item holds a story of connection, of a single thread of yarn that was carefully hand-woven into a new product, and of connection between women refugees and the world. From the hands of women from Ukraine to the homes of Thistle Farmers, there is transformation and community. 

Because just as Love Heals, Love also Rises.

Healing Through Creating

In arts and crafts, we are creators who participate in the healing process. We don’t have to be heroic problem solvers or control an uncontrollable environment. We get to create with old and new friends. The work of revolutionary crafting is respectful, it is historical, it is good. It is divine. It is that kind of work that balances the space between pragmatic and poetic.

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