Relief Grant Recipients

In response to COVID-19, Thistle Farms Global created a Relief Grant program for carefully selected  Global Partners, to support artisan and community well-being, product financing, village sanitation, and eco-sustainable projects.

Beljoy, Haiti - Two homes were built for artisans in need of safe secure housing.

Collective Humanity, Cambodia - Built the first water hygiene and sanitation station in their village, essential in a time when hand washing can save lives. 

Ikirezi, Uganda - Farmers wages were paid to support the workers and the community.

Love Welcomes, Greece - Artisan wages were and community support.

Mission Lazarus, Honduras  - Artisan wages and community support.

Moringa Madres, Mexico  - Artisan wages and community support.

Northside Healing Space, USA - Housing stability through funding rent and support for utilities to keep families in their homes in the United States. 

Sibimbe, Ecuador - Artisan wages and community support.

YEWO, Malawi - Built a  solar-power system for the workshop, while generators and batteries were limited during the lockdown.