Class of 2022

In this, our 25th year, we celebrate some of the strongest women we know.

These heroes crossed the threshold of Thistle Farms during the beginning of the pandemic and stand as living proof that love can withstand any adversity.


“What’s it going to take?” My mom asked on the other end of the phone as I sat in jail. She said my son had been asking if I was still alive, and it finally hit home. I swore I’d get out and do things differently.

I got into the Thistle Farms residential program. In those early days, it was hard hearing other women tell me they loved me. That kind of support was something I’d always wanted, but it felt surreal—like it could end at any moment. 

But day by day, I learned to be comfortable with myself, express emotions in a healthier way, and let others love me.

The best part was reuniting with my family. I never thought my mom and I could have the relationship we do today. And finally, after ten years, I’m ready to regain custody of my kids.

Recovery has helped me realize that life is full of possibilities. And to never lose hope because that’s all we’ve got. So even when days are rough, I know I’ll be alright.


When I finally got into treatment, I prayed that if God would just let me see my 30th birthday, I’d do whatever he needed me to do. 

My Aunt Rita advocated so hard for me to get into the program. I never planned on staying the whole two years at Thistle Farms, but one day at a time, I got closer to learning who Terrié was. 

My worst day in recovery will always be better than my best day in addiction. It’s the little things that make it so worth it. 

I have a bed, a home, a car…I have plenty of shoes, I am so blessed! 

I get to play with my children, clean my room, wash the dishes.

I’m not upset to pay my bills; I get to pay bills because I have money in the bank that I choose to save.

Thistle Farms didn’t give me a voice—they helped me find my voice, and I’m forever grateful for that.


For years, I didn’t think I had a problem. I lost everything before I realized I was an alcoholic.

When I found Thistle Farms, I got on the waiting list, but when they called me back, I was still in addiction. The next time they called, I was ready.

I never thought I could stay the whole two years. But day by day, I learned more about my disease, listened to women who’d lived through similar situations, and began to build lasting friendships. I started to work toward goals and believe in myself.

Now, graduation day is coming up, and I’m so excited!

I used to hear about the promises in meetings, and now I’m seeing them come true. I have a car and my own place. I’ve reconnected with my daughters and made sisters-for-life.

Without recovery and this program, I wouldn’t be here.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but I know now there’s always hope, and I don’t have to go it alone.

Thank You For Believing in the Healing Power of Love