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Uniting Global Partners -- Thistle Farms Global Marketplace

by Alyssa Mocci

It is always beautiful to see a gathering of like-minded individuals— various organizations from numerous cities, states, and countries. At our National Conference, in June, we were lucky enough to invite 16 Sister Organizations and Global Partners that fight for freedom, education, and humanitarianism. We were lucky to see a collection of people and products ranging from worldwide to local at our 2019 Global Marketplace as well as survivors, founders, and activists. 

Being apart of the marketplace, our partners not only had the opportunity to sell and market products but also the opportunity to network and connect with other organizations working with survivor artisans. 

Some of the Thistle Farms Global partners at the marketplace included 3 Mountains Tea, Branded Collective, Mission Lazarus, Purpose Jewelry and Gifts for the Journey. A plethora of products followed from leather bags and handmade soap to jewelry. As shoppers browsed products, each and every item came with a compelling story of a survivor. We were lucky enough to have activists like Sara Stender from Three Mountains Tea, Stephanie Pollaro from Purpose Jewelry to tell their story from the very creation of their brand. 

Hallie from the Mission Lazarus team states, "Being a part of the Thistle Farms Global Network conference was a blessing to us in so many ways. Not only was it so much fun to connect with new and old customers, but more importantly, the sessions and conversations we had throughout the conference were a much-needed encouragement and reminder of why we do what we do -- and that there are so many others doing similar things! God has truly blessed Mission Lazarus and our social enterprise team at Lazarus Artisan Goods through our partnership with Thistle Farms."

Thistle Farms uniquely aims to work alongside like-minded organizations. It is a goal of Thistle Farmers to be both supporters and proud distributors of products helping artisan survivors around the globe. The Global Team at Thistle Farms is proud to connect current partners and excited to be able to grow alongside more organizations in the future.  

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