Woven in Gold: Dignified Employment Through Kazi's Artisan Impact

Adventure Meets Justice: Kazi’s Quest to provide Digified Employment

Kazi is more than just a brand; it's an adventure-seeking, justice-driven mission. Through dignified employment, their aim is to transform the lives of economically marginalized communities. Kazi connects style-driven consumers with beautifully handcrafted products. But what really sets them apart is their commitment to sustainable and fair-wage employment. Just like the women we support in our Thistle Farms community, Kazi is enabling artisans to find long-lasting, dignified employment. When you invest in these artisans, you are indirectly strengthening families and entire communities. 

The Artisans Behind the Craft: Stories of Transformation 

Francoise: Weaving a New Path 


Francoise, a weaver from Rwanda's Byimana Sector, initially sold her products in the black market. After the Covid-19 pandemic struck, she had to close her business. She discovered All Across Africa in 2021, the nonprofit connected with Kazi. Since joining, Francoise has not only found meaningful income but has managed to change her family’s life. She has bought livestock and can now pay for her children’s education. Her dream? To continue working and eventually reopen her own business. 

Primitive: Crafting a Better Future 

Primitive, another Kazi artisan, has been weaving since 2019. Also hailing from Ruhango, Rwanda, she was never able to attend school. Today, thanks to her earnings from Kazi, she meets her family's basic needs and is aiming for her children to attend college. She takes immense pride in her work and dreams of receiving more orders to ensure her children's education. 

Nature’s Palette: Kazi's Sustainable Materials 

Sisal from Rwanda 

Sisal, a product of the agave plant, is remarkable for its high sheen and vivid colors. Kazi uses all organic dyes to bring this material's unique qualities to life, adding a radiant splash of color to any space. 

Raffia from Uganda and Tanzania 

Raffia, harvested from the Busso plant, is a versatile material that adds warmth and texture to Kazi pieces. When aiming for earthy or raw trends, Raffia is the go-to material, naturally dyed to preserve its authentic look. 

Elephant Grass from Ghana 

For a touch of rustic elegance, Kazi employs Elephant Grass. This straw-like, flexible material is used to add contrasting texture, making each piece a celebration of nature’s diversity. 

Weaving Through Generations 

The craft of weaving isn't just a trade; it's a cultural treasure passed down through generations. Women for centuries have taught their daughters this age-old process, culminating in pieces robust with skill, love, and artistry. 

Dignified Employment: Kazi's Transformative Impact

Kazi intertwines age-old weaving traditions with sustainable, fair wages, uplifting economically marginalized artisans. Each product, taking 4 to 10 days, showcases their unmatched dedication and skill. Partnering with Nest ensures Kazi meets global fair-wage standards. By supporting one artisan, entire communities flourish, echoing Thistle Farms' ethos. Kazi's approach is reshaping local economies and lives.

Contributing to a Greener Planet 

Kazi has received praise from the Climate Partner organization for their ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship, setting an example for how businesses can protect both people and the planet. 

Learn more about Shared Trade and explore our Global Partner Directory to find out how you can make a meaningful impact. 

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