Expansion of Program Serving Incarcerated Survivors

A grant from the Tennessee Department of Corrections will enable us to double our program that helps survivors begin healing while still incarcerated. 

In 2013, Thistle Farms launched a therapeutic community program for women at the Tennessee Prison for Women. The program helps trafficking survivors begin healing from years of trauma while still behind prison walls.

Upon release, participants are able to parole into Thistle Farms’ residential program in an effort to reduce the high recidivism rate among women incarcerated for drug and prostitution convictions. The program has been highly successful, with only one participant returning to prison in the 8 years of the program.

Thanks to a new grant from the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Thistle Farms will soon double the program. Funding will be used to:

  • Hire our first full-time coordinator
  • Explore a second location at the Davidson County Jail
  • Help open new programs in more Tennessee prisons

Thank you to the Tennessee Department of Corrections for helping us to come alongside more women to begin their healing process as soon as possible.

Together we cut through the darkness with the brightest light.

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