Thistle Farms Opens Safe House in Nashville

Thistle Farms Opens Safe House in Nashville

We know that a woman’s path that leads her to us has not been easy. The Safe House will be a place that provides physical and emotional safety, where women will be treated with dignity and respect, perhaps for the first time in years.  

Together with End Slavery Tennessee, we will provide food, hygiene supplies, medical care, mental health services, and chemical dependency support. During each woman’s stay, we will work to find long-term housing and resources to continue her healing journey.  

Our goal is to provide a safe place of growth and learning, and where a survivor can safely and respectfully express herself. It will be a starting place to learn new and helpful skills for life.  


As with all things at Thistle Farms, our philosophy is rooted in compassion and LOVE; it is based on the belief that nothing that happened in your past can prevent you from being successful now.  

We could not be more thrilled to open the doors to this new sanctuary.

UPDATE OCTOBER 20, 2021: 39 women have been served in the first year.