New Programs Serving Women Artisans Globally

New Programs Serving Women Artisans Globally

More than retail partners, Global Shared Trade provides access to an international community of support, including networking, mentoring, workshops, consultations, product development, and branding development. It aims to work with international women artisan groups around the world who strive to pay above minimum wage and give back to their communities. 

We are pleased to announce 3 new programs to serve our artisan partners: 

Shared Trade Collaborator Program 

1-on-1 Mentorship between artisan partners and business professionals to support small business development and growth. This 6-month collaboration program offers artisan partners the opportunity to gain more knowledge in areas such as marketing and social media, or finance and inventory management. Currently, the Shared Trade Programs are working with 26 Artisan Partners in 12 different countries. 

Accelerator Program 

A 12–24 month intensive business development program for 2–4 partners annually. These partners receive financial, development support, mentorship, and site visits. Previous accelerator program members have also received product development training, logo and branding consulting, and inventory management system overhauls. The purpose of the Accelerator Program is to invest and walk with a small business that is ready to take the next step in growing and prospering for the work and women they serve. 

Small Grants Program

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Shared Trade recognized an immediate need to survey dire needs within the artisan partners groups we partner with, and their communities. Since 2020, Global Shared Trade has been able to support 28 Global Partners, with nearly $130,000 in relief grant funds.

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