Quick Reference Guide for Thistle Farms Natural Essential Oils

Thistle Farms all natural Essential Oils can help keep your day on track, or bring it back when it's gone off the rails. Only the highest quality oils go into our blends, so you can be assured that no fillers or chemicals are ever present in these potent botanical formulations. 

Feeling scattered and unfocused?

Choose Focus Healing or Essential Oil

Formulated with carefully curated oils to enhance clarity, Focus is a grounding oil blended with lavender, grapefruit, and peppermint. Roll the Healing Oil onto pulse points when feeling a little scattered or place a few drops of on the floor of the shower for a morning boost of clarity. 

Experiencing restlessness and insomnia?

Choose Lavender Essential Oil

The deeply floral aroma of Bulgarian lavender is appreciated worldwide for its ability to soothe emotions, ease tension and decrease anxiety. Add to a bath, diffuser, or massage into skin with your favorite carrier oil to bring peace at the end of a stressful or tiring day.  Also great for headaches: Lie down, feet up, apply Healing Oil to temples, breathe deeply, feel pain begin to melt away.

Feeling a little off kilter?

Choose Balance Healing or Essential Oil

This blend of powerful oils features lavender, vanilla, and lemon to boost energy and calm the nervous system. Use the roll-on Healing Oil in times of stress. Roll onto palms, rub together, cover face, and breathe deeply as the body realligns. A few drops of the Essential Oil in your oil burner will help keep you in balance all day!

Surrounded by germs?

Choose Immunity Healing or Essential Oil

A must-have blend of antimicrobial, antiviral, and pain relieving properties that offer a holistic approach to well-being. Infused with gentle carrier oils, this roll-on Healing Oil is safe for most skin types and can be used throughout the day. Add a drop of the Essential Oil to hand soap to up your hand washing game - your #1 defense against Covid-19. Also great in your all natural homemade cleaning products!

Nerves and anxiety an issue?

Choose Calm Healing or Essential OIl

A natural anxiety reliever, our carefully blended oil provides a smooth, nurturing aroma. Use the Healing Oil roll-on whenever you need a moment of peace and relaxation. Diffuse at home or work in times of high anxiety. Great for your favorite nervous pup also.

Need a warm and comforting hug?

Choose Comfort Healing or Essential Oil

Comfort, our newest oil, is a blend of  soothing essential oils featuring clary sage, clove, and ylang-ylang. Helps ease cramps and level emotions. Place a drop on your face mask on those days when you have to work through discomfort, or diffuse in your home or workspace for all-day support. 



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