Meeting with the Madres, Moringa and More

Meeting with the Madres, Moringa and More



“It is important for Thistle Farms to spread their love and knowledge around the world because our model works and it is our job to pay it forward.” - Shelia (2007 Graduate)

At the end of July, Thistle Farms Global went to Mexico to dream with our partner, Moringa Madres. 4 women grow and harvest Moringa from their 150 moringa trees. Moringa is a plant with numerous health benefits and is used in our Moringa Madre’s tea blend as well as other Thistle Farms Products. Our goal was to establish markets, employ more women, and plan a partnership with 3 Mountains tea.  Most importantly, the week included building relationships with the incredible Moringa Madres.

Chelle Waller, one of the financial managers of Thistle Farms and a 2005 graduate as well as Shelia McClain, a graduate and senior case coordinator, met the Madres, and have formed a beautiful mentorship and friendship with the leader there, Gisela, the Madres Operation Manager. They set up weekly phone calls and facetime sessions to be able to discuss the next steps of the processing, shipping, and accounting.   

“It was very humbling. I realized that Americans have a lot of physical things, and the Madres and their families live a life where they are satisfied with the riches they have right in front of them. Their land is rich with fruits and vegetables growing fiercely. They are one big extended family, where everybody is helping and supporting one another.” Chelle said when she returned.  

When asked why she finds passion for continuing a relationship with the Madres, Shelia stated “women are supposed to take care of women. It takes a community and there needs to be a community to support the Madres, both locally and around the world. The connection was made through sharing a common story of overcoming severe trauma and how the community coming together can change individual lives. There is beauty in being able to give back.”

In the coming year, both Chelle and Shelia want to bring their own children back to Mexico, to meet the Madres and their families. They want their children the experience and see a different way of life, and understand that everyone can benefit from relationships and connections around the world.

There is a huge future for Moringa Madres. Moringa does more than heal the body, it heals the soul.