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Honest To Goodness Ingredients: Part 2

by Erica Rivero November 23, 2017

Honest To Goodness Ingredients: Part 2

Wake-up and recharge with 5 ingredients that have more super-power than all 12 reindeer. Each ingredient promises to help you stay mindful, alleviate stress, boost immunity and a whole bunch more. When your jolly is leaning towards groggy, perk-up and get merry with the good ingredients  at Thistle Farms.

6. Eucalyptus 

An oil so powerful it should probably have a gold medal. The benefits of Eucalyptus oil are wide-ranging and its properties include being an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antibacterial and more. The oil also stimulates mental activity by increasing blood flow. What we’re saying is, the more blood to the brain means more brainpower and who doesn't want that?


7. Cedarwood Atlas 

Did you know that classic holiday scents actually have health benefits and are not just fragrantly pleasing? Cedarwood Atlas has a unique calming and relaxing effect on the mind. The scent releases serotonin which turns to melatonin in the brain thus unleashing those dancing sugar plums for a better night's sleep.



8. Vetiver Oil 

Vetiver Oil uses and benefits are longer than your children’s wish list. Named the “oil of tranquility” it boosts the immune system and nervous system making it a natural tonic. Vetiver oil is used to alleviate emotional stress, panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Seems to pretty much cover all the side effects one might experience during the holiday season. So leave your troubles behind with a wift of Vetiver.   



9. Cinnamon Oil 

Is there a more iconic holiday scent? With all there is to adore about Cinnamon we know even more. Cinnamon oil helps prevent cold and flu symptoms, deodorize rooms, speeds up healing and boosts brain activity preventing nervous tension and memory loss. So put away the camera and become part of those magical memories.



10. Lavender 

Want your cake and eat it too? Lavender makes the impossible possible. An antioxidant, mood enhancer, stress reducer, sleep inducer, anxiety fighter, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and an extraordinary pain reliever. Compiling such a list would normally give us a headache but we’re surrounded by lavender so we feel great!




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Erica Rivero
Erica Rivero