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Healing Oils


The powerful properties of essential oils have been tapped since ancient times and across all cultures for physical, mental, and emotional healing. Derived from highly concentrated plant products, blended for specific purposes, and mixed with carrier agents jojoba or coconut oil, these four specially blended oils deliver profound sensations of Calm, Energy, Immunity, or Balance.

  • 0.34 fl. oz. (10 ml)
  • CALM: For a moment’s peace
    Features a sweet and earthy scent, and grounding, nurturing, meditative, and antidepressent properties.
    Ingredients include sweet orange, vanilla, patchouli, atlas cedarwood, ho wood, and jojoba oils.
  • BALANCE: For finding your center
    With a crisp, green scent and sweet, herbaceous floral notes, and soothing, cheerful, stress-reducing properties.
    Ingredients include lavender, lemon, vanilla, geranium, ho wood, and jojoba oils.
  • ENERGY: For a reviving boost
    Refreshing and sweet, with herbaceous, spicy citrus notes, and stimulating, cooling properties that promote memory and focus.
    Ingredients include grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon leaf, ho wood, and coconut oils.
  • IMMUNITY: For overall wellness
    Scent is citrusy, icy-hot, with herbal spice, and features emotionally uplifting, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.
    Ingredients include eucalyptus, spearmint, clove, lemon, lavender, oregano, and coconut oils.

    Morning, noon, and night, roll lightly onto pulse points at inner wrist, base of your throat, behind ear lobes and knees, and top of feet. Use as a lighter, more natural alternative to perfume.

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