Four Women Who Have Benefitted From Your Activism

When individuals take action to create social change, amazing things happen. Whether you march, purchase, donate, volunteer or advocate on social media and beyond, you bring unjust practices, as well as their remedies, to the attention of many. Thank you, world-changing Thistle Farmers. We see the work you do and feel your presence in the richness of our recoveries. 

In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness month, we recently talked to some Thistle Farms survivor-leaders about their gratitude for our worldwide community of activists. Here's what they had to say.

Katrina, Thistle Farms Sales Department: "As National Sales Director I spend my days talking to longtime retailers and those who are new to our justice enterprise. Seeing the joy that supporting survivors brings them fuels my work and my recovery. Our retailers throughout the country work so hard to tell the story of how love heals. I'm thankful for each of them." 

Jennifer, Thistle Farms Volunteer Coordinator: "Every time I get to welcome a new volunteer or visitor to Thistle Farms, the person I'm engaging is the most important person in the world to me. Each volunteer contributes a valuable piece of themselves and those beautiful pieces are the fuel of this movement of empowerment." 

Chelle, Thistle Farms Accounting & Admin: "Seeing how excited people were for me when my voting rights were restored was amazing. All of those social media shares meant that new people got to see that not only is it possible to heal from trauma and addiction, but it's possible to succeed and prosper (read Chelle’s voting restoration story here.)

Angela, The Cafe at Thistle Farms: "Every day, someone comes to The Cafe at Thistle Farms just expecting lunch, and every day those people leave with so much more. The really great part is to see those same people come back with a friend, pointing out the teacup art and the generations of stories contained in those cups, their favorite menu items, and introducing us by name. That's connection, that's community, That's healing, that's why we're here." 


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