Chelle, Champion of Voter Rights

Chelle, Champion of Voter Rights

Chelle, Magdalene Graduate and Thistle Farms Accounting & Administrative Manager, was the reason for a groundswell of internet goodness on the day when we announced that her voting rights had recently been restored! Chelle is now on a mission to help empower all who are eligible to get registered to vote. 

“I’m proud. I feel so empowered! I am a full citizen of my country now. I want everybody to feel the pride of taking part in the political process. I celebrate National Voter Registration Day like it’s New Years Eve!”

There is no federal law that dictates felon voting rights. States have the power to set rules for restoration of rights, and in the last several years more states have made the process easier. Regardless of your arrest record, it’s worth taking a look to see what is necessary to restore your right to vote. Chelle recommends starting here.

For those who have never had an arrest that would impede your right to vote, The National Mail Voter Registration Form can be used to register U.S. citizens to vote, or to update registration information. Follow these state-specific instructions listed for your state and enjoy your new status as a United States Voter. 

Online voter registration is available in some states. Check here to see if this easy option is available to you. 

Happy voting, Thistle Farmers!