Five Ways Dryer Balls Can Help You Love Your Laundry

Five Ways Dryer Balls Can Help You Love Your Laundry

Have you wondered what the deal is with dryer balls? There are many ways that they can improve your laundry routine. Below are five great reasons to make the switch from heavily fragranced, chemical fabric softeners to these all natural wool gifts to laundry day.

1. Help clothing dry faster so you save money. Our extra large capacity washers and dryers can twist clothing, sheets, and towels into a hard-to-untangle, practically un-dryable mess! Dryer balls actually get between the layers of fabric to help cut down drying time by allowing more hot air to reach the surfaces of the items in your dryer. If you tend to overload your dryer, be careful to give the balls room to move around and do their job.

2. Scent your laundry with your favorite essential oils. Your signature scent doesn’t need any competition! Place a couple drops of your favorite Thistle Farms Essential Oil on one dryer ball, dry as normal, and enjoy being surrounded by aromatherapy all day, every day. Avoid using dark or heavy oils such as patchouli or sandalwood in loads of delicate or light colored laundry.

Give sheets and pillows an extra spritz of Linen Spray for even more aromatherapy as you drift off to a peaceful aromatic slumber. This is serious best life territory, friends! 

3. Beat static. Spray your dryer balls generously with water and throw them in as usual. The slow-drying wool holds onto the moisture, keeping the humidity level just right for your clothes to get dry without the over drying that causes static.

4. Soften naturally. Do you know anyone who line-dries their laundry? A good breeze naturally agitates items just enough to naturally soften. Woolen dryer balls support gentle agitation and help accelerate drying time for soft, comfortable laundry.

5. No chemicals, no extra packaging, perfectly sustainable. The fragrances in commercial fabric softeners can exacerbate respiratory problems, migraine headaches, and skin sensitivities. Dryer balls are all natural and chemical free. Good for approximately 500 loads, Thistle Farms Dryer Balls come in a reusable cotton drawstring bag with a million uses. (How about an emergency freshening up kit with a travel toothbrush and your favorite Thistle Farms minis for your car or office?)

Happy laundering, Thistle Farmers! Stay tuned for more natural household hints for spring cleaning and beyond.