Neck Scarf
Neck Scarf
Neck Scarf
Neck Scarf
Neck Scarf

Neck Scarf

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This exquisite neck scarf is crafted by women artisans in Cape Town, South Africa of Not I But We, which works to create opportunity and reduce vulnerability for survivors of trafficking. It is made of locally sourced silk fabric which adds to its luxurious feel. Scarf can be styled as a hair accessory, neck tie, or on a handbag for a pop of color. 

  • 26" x 26"
  • Polysatin blend
  • Hand wash in cold water, lay dry

Meet the Artisans

Not I But We

South Africa
Survivors of Trafficking and Exploitation

Drawing on the Ubuntu philosophy of our inextricable interconnectedness - “I am because we are”- Not I But We seeks to create space for survivors to dream again. 

By working alongside residential and reintegration programs, Not I But We creates meaningful employment for survivors of trafficking in a trauma-informed social enterprise. 

Economic justice is a crucial piece in the restoration process. With high statistics of gender based violence and a 50% unemployment rate in South Africa, the vulnerability of poverty creates a heighten risk exploitative cycles. Not I But We seeks to break the cycle of exploitation and provide the necessary tools for survivors to rewrite their story.

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Not I But We

More than fair

Shared Trade

A network of social enterprises addressing sexual exploitation, trafficking, and extreme poverty in 21 countries around the world.

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