Residential Program

Our two-year residential community offers women survivors of trafficking and prostitution the space to heal and thrive.

Healing & Transformation

We house up to 36 residents at a time in a therapeutic setting that offers healing and transformation through housing, healthcare, counseling, employment, and community building.

Housing and clinical services are free of charge and provided without Federal assistance.

How Love Heals

We believe that love is more powerful than all the forces that drive women to the street, and a strong community will help them not only heal, but thrive.

Our homes operate on a holistic model. Residences do not have live in staff, and instead are guided by principles grounded in accountability, trust, and growth.

We continue to recognize the immense need for our program as our waitlist - capped at 100 women - is consistently full.

The Model Works

Five years after program completion, 75% of our graduates are living healthy, independent lives.
Broken relationships have been restored. Hopelessness has been replaced with hope.


2 Years of Safe Housing

Healthcare and Counseling

Trauma Therapy


Family Reunification

Legal Advocacy

Community Education Access


Employment in Our Social Enterprises

Soft and Technical Job Training

$1 for $1 Savings Match

Some of our healing work is done in partnership with other direct service providers.

Program Completion

After two years in the residential program, women become candidates for graduation, a celebratory event that takes place each spring. 

Following graduation, many women move into full-time positions with one of Thistle Farms’ social enterprises. Others take the skills they have acquired and pursue work elsewhere in the community.

Get Started

Application Process

Complete the form below to initiate your application process. A response should follow within 3-5 business days. 

Our waiting list is currently over 100 women, and we cannot give estimates on the timeframe to entrance. Our hearts are with you during this period and we eagerly await the expansion of our program. 

In order to remain active on the waiting list, weekly contact must be made with our staff. 

Tennessee Trafficking Hotline


National Trafficking Hotline


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can refer someone else. However, it is preferable that the potential applicant answer the questions on the application personally due to the private nature of the information requested. 

Please be aware that in order to remain active on the waiting list, applicants must continue to make contact with Thistle Farms staff on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give a set time frame for program entry. In order to maintain a spot on the waitlist, applicants should continue to make weekly contact with program staff.

Applicants must be willing to commit to a two-year program (our program is not transitional housing).

Our program is exclusively for women.

We are unable to consider applicants who fall into the below categories:

- Pregnant women or women who have young children living with them.

- Women on the sex offenders registry. Women with aggravated prostitution charges are exempt from this exclusion.

- Women with outstanding criminal charges.