The Power of Sisterhood

Lighting the Way For Our Next Sister

When a woman graduates from our 2 year program, she becomes a Sister for Life - and then reaches back to light the way for the next woman.

From our Founder to a 2021 Graduate

Sisterhood at Thistle Farms


Thistle Farms Founder
"Regina, one of the first program graduates, showed me how it is possible for us to take up our crosses and follow love."


Member of Our First Graduating Class in 1999
"Being trafficed, I lost everything, including myself. Becca was my lifeline. She believed in me."


2003 Graduate
"I didn't think there was redemption for my life, but Regina changed my mind when she visited the jail and todl me her story. She was my hope shot. She's the reason why I never went back."


2007 Graduate and Director of Residential Services
"In the past, I used with Leigh. Once I completed the recovery program, I told her about it. I knew she could be the hero of her own story."


2021 Graduate and Logistics Team Lead
"When I hit rock bottom, I called Sheila. Watcher her gave me hope. She told me, "Always dream".