2020 Graduate

The I use word to describe myself today is 'blossom.' 

I had used drugs for over 20 years. I got clean for a while, but relapsed when I lost my husband. I sad and I was tired. I wanted to change my life but I didn’t know how. 

I finally had enough. I entered rehab where a graduate of Thistle Farms Residential worked. She told me about the program and I new it was the right next step. I was ready. I entered on Friday the 13th, a good luck day for me!

Today I have everything I need and want. I am rebuilding my connection with my daughters and grandsons. I recently remarried and became a stepmom to a precious 8 year old boy. I have a great job at The Cafe at Thistle Farms and a whole community that loves me. 

I lived in the mud for a long time and my mom and my sister prayed for me constantly. Little did any of us know that while it looked like those prayers weren’t working, they were. My roots grew strong and I can stand tall on my own now.