Thanks. Giving. Please.

Thanks. Giving. Please.

Our theme this year is a reflection of the common prayer we all share.

Appreciating life's many blessings, we offer thanks

Out of this gratitude, we give

And finally there is still a please

There is still more we long for, more we hope for, more we dare to dream.

Our hope is that each person will say their thanks, remember their giving, and offer their please.

As a community, you are invited to leave your thanks and offer your please.



  • Angela Barringer

    Thankful to be safe.

    Grateful healing, for my livelihood, for my husband, my daughter and good friends.

    Please help me listen, hear, react & recognize the spirt.

  • Angela Barringer


  • Louise Hoy

    Thanks for God’s deep mercy and limitless generosity with the things I never expected.

    Giving is God’s calling to those of us who recognize his endless kindness in their lives.

    Please dear Lord, remind us daily of the healing, restoring power of love. It reaches into the miry clay of mistakes and past brittle pain posing as hate and awakens tenderness in rocky places.



    Thanks-For strength to move forward after great loss. For online church because I have not missed a week of Saint A’s services in almost a year and their examples have filled me with comfort and a deeper love for humanity and our great, glorious, savior.

    Giving-while I hope to be a better Stewart of what’s been entrusted to me I hope to remember that God delights in cheerful giving. I hope to be a gift to
    Someone who needs encouragement and love by just being available and giving what I can, whatever that might be.

    Please- Please, oh please God we continue to ask you bring healing and victory over covid.

  • Val

    Thanks – For my family, friends, health, and amazing job.

    Giving – I will steward my time better to have more time to give my family.

    Please – Please please heal our sister Frannie. And let Khalina know she is loved every day she is away from us.

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