Thistle Farms Housing Justice Fund

One of the greatest challenges for our graduates is finding affordable housing - free of triggers from their past. This Spring, our Board voted to invest in two new developments to facilitate affordable housing for women survivors in Nashville.

Finding long-term housing that offers survivors an affordable, dignified place to live, away from the dangerous triggers of their past life is the single greatest challenge our women face.

Our partnership with Urban Housing Solutions helps us meet just under 50% of our current need.  We have also had several graduates fortunate enough to earn homes through Habitat for Humanity. However, we have a long way to go. 

This spring, our Board of Directors voted to invest in two new developments:

  • The acquisition of a six-unit apartment building
  • A parcel of land large enough to build six homes 

Both projects will offer affordable housing (households making 50% of Nashville Median Family Income) for women survivors and their families.   

In May 2022, 6 graduates of Thistle Farms moved into their new homes. 

    We look forward to sharing our progress on this development and other affordable housing projects in the near future.

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