9 Global Shared Trade Partners Receive Relief Grant

Funding offset revenue loss due to the pandemic, and supported artisan and community well-being, product financing, village sanitation, and eco-sustainable projects.

For the first four months of the pandemic, 95% of our global partners had to stop production for the safety of their artisans and communities. This impact on global commerce has resulted in a 47% average loss in revenue since the beginning of the pandemic for our global partners.

Nine of our partners were selected to receive small grant reliefs to help offset the financial impact. 

  • BELJOY, HAITI — Two homes were built for artisans in need of safe and secure housing.
  • COLLECTIVE HUMANITY, CAMBODIA — Built the first water hygiene and sanitation station in their village, essential in a time when hand washing can save lives.
  • IKIREZI, RWANDA — Farmer's wages were paid to support the workers and the community.
  • LOVE WELCOMES, GREECE — Artisan wages and community support.
  • MISSION LAZARUS, HONDURAS — Artisan wages and community support.
  • MORINGA MADRES, MEXICO — Artisan wages and community support.
  • NORTHSIDE HEALING SPACE, USA — Housing stability through funding rent and support for utilities to keep families in their homes in the United States.
  • SIBIMBE, ECUADOR — Artisan wages and community support.
  • YEWO, MALAWI — Built a solar-power system for the workshop, while generators and batteries were limited during the pandemic lockdown.

“The money given to Beljoy through the COVID Relief Grant is changing the life of one of our artisans, Fedeline, the lives of her family, and generations to come! In Haiti, homeownership is rare. Fedeline, is a single mother of 2 children, who also provides for her extended family. She purchased the land several years ago and has slowly been building her home. It was projected to take her around 20 years to complete her home, as she buys a few bricks at a time with the money she can save. Because of the funding from Thistle Farms, she will now have a completed home, and the burden of homeownership and safety was expedited. This is literally a dream come true for Fedeline and the Beljoy community!”

— Abby Clevenger, Founder of Beljoy

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