Thistle Farms COVID Response

Thistle Farms COVID Response

While coronavirus changes so much about our daily lives, it can't quarantine the things we cherish deeply at Thistle Farms - healing, justice, and love. 

We’re taking CDC recommendations to heart, like asking employees to work from home, closing our café and shop, and operating with a lean fulfillment crew.

As you can imagine, many of our employees have compromised immune systems, so their well-being is our priority. They understand their pay will not be impacted, their jobs are secure, and we will weather this storm.

However, like so many businesses, our social enterprises that sustain our mission have taken a hit, with sales down 70% the past two weeks.

Amidst the challenges we’re all facing, Thistle Farms remains rooted in the transformative power of gratitude. We are reminded on our daily video check-ins that: 

  • Good news abounds
  • Love can easily traverse 6 feet
  • Gratitude cannot be quarantined

During a time when so many people feel stuck at home, the women of Thistle Farms are grateful to feel safe at home.

We are committed to providing each woman in our community the support she needs to heal and the paycheck she needs to safely stay in that home.

We are honored to have your support and remain grateful for your belief in Thistle Farms.