Mission Lazarus

Mission Lazarus

What Collaboration Looks Like….

Mission Lazarus, an organization based in Honduras and Haiti has been a Thistle Farms Global partner since the fall of 2017. This summer we are proud to release a collaboration with Mission Lazarus, working with their leather craft workers on a Love Heals Journal.

A Vocational Training center is one of the many development impacts Mission Lazarus is able to invest back into their communities. They stand by the idea that “transformation is a process, not something that can happen in a split second”. Because of this, they are investing in the skills training of every single student that walks through their doors. This school year, the program will graduate its 3rd full graduating class. As the classroom size grows bigger, Mission Lazarus hopes to open a second vocational training center in 2019.

Mission Lazarus gives the opportunity to their graduates to work in their social enterprise program as full-time artisans or assist the artisans to get jobs outside of the organization based on their skills.

With Headquarters in Nashville, the Thistle Farms Global Team is able to visit with the Mission Lazarus Team quite often. It is a joy to see our partners come into the shop or café and be a part of the bigger Thistle Farms Circle.

As Thistle Farms Global grows, we want to be able to make a meaningful and lasting connection with our partners and their artisans. Collaboration pieces can do just this; our partners are able to invest in the #LoveHeals moto here at Thistle Farms so that our love can empower and employ all around the world.  

The Love Heals journals are out now, online and in our shop, as one of our Best Sellers.