Meet the Maker: Thistle Farms Global Textile Partners for the Holidays

Meet the Maker: Thistle Farms Global Textile Partners for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. As we enter the season of giving, we hope that you and your loved ones enjoy our new cozy seasonal textiles. From Cambodia to Nepal to the northern villages in the Himalayan mountains of India, Thistle Farms Global has created partnerships with three inspiring organization who heal, empower, and employ women throughout Asia.

Nomi Network scarves are perfect for the crisp fall-winter season. These Ikat scarves are available in three colors; plum, gold, and black. Nomi Network works with women artisans in India and Cambodia surviving human trafficking and giving them healthy healing opportunities to move forward.

Himalayan Naari’s wool knitted throws take twenty days of careful knitting from one Indian artisan. These throws are a perfect finishing touch to throw over your favorite chair, bed or snuggle with during a chilly evening. For the past several winters, Himalayan Naari has created custom-made throws that you can find only at Thistle Farms. We start planning and designing these throws in early summer to be ready by the cold winter season. When you purchase one of Himalayan Naari’s custom throws, you are supporting vocational training programs for women artisans to gain technical, business, and financial management skill.

This season, we are excited to share with you Local Women’s Handicrafts’ cashmere shawl. The luxury 100% cashmere is gathered from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goats and is highly sought after all over the world. Local Women’s Handicrafts is a new partner of Thistle Farms Global, located in Nepal. The founder, Nasreen Sheikh created LWH as a social enterprise that empowers and educates disadvantaged women by providing paid training programs. Through sewing, weaving, embroidery, and knitting, hundreds of women artisans in Nepal have control over their future.

Give a gift that is meaningful, filled with love and gives back to communities around the world. Whether it is supporting fair wages for female artisans, implementing training programs for business and technical skills or providing legal services to aid women survivors of human trafficking, your purchase has a deeply rooted value of support and love.